Movie Review: The Bicycle Thief

The Power in our Hand             In the film, The Bicycle Thief also known as Bicycle Thieves, there are many images that help to define the film in terms of narrative and composition.  The film as a whole paints a grim picture of the effects of Fascism in the way it shows desperate men fighting for work in the beginning, women lining up to get buckets of water to bathe and clean their clothes, and the desolate landscape of apartmentRead more

Movie Review: Italian Neorealism vs. Hollywood’s Golden Era

Grit vs. Glamour              Italian Neorealism’s very definition is one that is raw and built on an innate catharsis.  This film movement, in Italy, came after World War II and the fall of Mussolini, therefore the country was in disarray, broken, and shattered.  It included the use of real people in the cast, filming on location, and themes about the poor and working class.  Even the film stock was a crude representation of what was used prior.  Filmmakers were noRead more

Movie Review: Annie Hall

                    Woody Allen has been given the title of auteur because of the enormity of his craft.  He writes, directs, and often times stars in his own films.  As such, Allen has had a huge influence on films of today and his intellectual bantering back and forth, in terms of dialogue, can be quickly and easily identified in other films when studying his work.  After viewing the film, Annie Hall, the firstRead more