The Fashion Mythopoeia

Dark and light, push – pull, myth – reality, the head and the heart, love – hate …. Heaven and Hell.  Duality has always been a strong force in our universe, and since the dawn of man, we have given meaning to each side.  Through the depiction of Greek mythology or in this case… mythopoeia, our modern telling of fictional mythological characters and story.  William Blake, a Romantic writer and artist, basked in this narrative drama creating worlds through poetry and painting, with the clashing of Heaven and Hell.  Further, moving our way toward the 20th century and the creation of film came the ‘Sci-fi’ mythopoeia.  The ‘Red Scare’ brought such films as The War of the Worlds, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.  This modern day myth-creation has continued and today, we are living out many of the predictions from these 1950’s films, begging the question of whether these stories are ‘fiction’ at all or sci-fi turned reality.  But we are stretching the fabric of our imagination into technology creation, pushing us further still, toward what many in the tech world call ‘the singularity’.  The day when technology will supersede biology or will, in essence, become smarter and therefore we will have to merge in order to sustain as humans.

So how can that be interpreted in the fashion world?  Well some designers see the future in design as a duplication of the intricate web of complex organization that already exists in the organic world …. fashion as a second skeleton.  An extension of biology.  Our future in fashion is an expression of art and science and designers are teaming up with brilliant people like Neri Oxman, head of the Media Lab at MIT whom are pioneers in 3-D printing and have worked with the future of fashion on runway pieces and are now as we say in the fashion world, creating ‘bio-design’.

Our fanciful fantasy females here are an expression of all of this!  A mythopoeia fashion narrative…. 50’s sci-fi meets bio design meets Greek myth.  Their use of color and texture create a unique collage of artistic fashion editorial but also each woman or character could stand as an individual still or piece.  The looks are reminiscent of Luc Besson’s film from 1997, The Fifth Element or in French, Le Cinquième Élément but what makes them fashion editorial and not ‘costume design’ is as Tim Gunn from Project Runway says, “in the edit”.  The makeup is still beauty based, the posing, the lighting and of course the models.  The hair styling is represented as sculpture which may be too intricate for everyday use, but can certainly be used as inspiration in terms of braids and fohawks which we will continue to see this summer season.  While those of us in the fashion world are always thinking of great fashion as ‘forward’ maybe the ‘future’ of fashion is already here!    

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