Sun Seeker

Touched by the sun and softly wrapped in chiffon made of the same scorched sizzling color, she moved like a phoenix through space and time.  Her long, sleek, and finely bronzed body gliding across an unknown shore.  With sand in her toes and the smell of the exotic air stretched from far away continents, woven with mystical salt crystals and the resonating soft sound of seagulls calling out to each other as faded mating whispers, she danced impassioned like an ancient nereid. 

She allured the wind to play with her as they, together, recalled her beloved.  The rhythm of her ivory sarong, billowing through the air, emulating the waves in front of her and all, wave, body, air, and material seemed harmonious in these swift moments.  From soft steps, melting into the delicate sand to more fierce jolting thrusts with her arms, she summoned her lover.  Was he really there?  Was he near her or a distant audience?  Did it matter at all?  She could be both exhibitionist to him in the flesh but also in spirit.  Their love filled her like a time-worn-majestic goblet brimming with the most noble and superior wine, it was “twice blessed, it blesseth him that gives and him that takes”.  Both giver and receiver of this enchanting dance, knew no pride.  These two kindred lovers surrendered to each other.  They were ageless, timeless and in loves gentle cradled arms.  The world around them became an enigma.  The outer environment seemed to birth new meaning and yet none of it existed any longer, at least anything of ‘noise’.  They were grateful, they were joyful and with each breath together whether in body or spirit, they were humbly aware of their collective expansion.  Into the creative unknown….

May, comes right at the cusp of the summer ahead.  It fills us all with enthusiasm for taking the rebirth of spring into something of manifest.  Yet whatever we are diving into of course carries the fun and playfulness of these sizzling months ahead.  Bright, bold colors in everything from hot pants to linen culottes.  We can wear very little makeup, or just add shimmer to the cheeks or a red stain to the lips as shown here by our sun-kissed nereid.  Embrace looks and colors out of your comfort zone this season and find something to help you feel young again, especially if the accessory is love.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.24.19 AM

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