Mystic Autumn

It will be an autumn like no other, and very well couldn’t be after following a mild and majestic summer built out of a fairytale. A time of reflection, mysticism and shadows. The dropping of leaves from the trees, the scent of cinnamon potpourri burning on the stove, and the anticipation of pumpkin carving on a cool October evening. Each year autumn circles round inevitably, routinely, but every time, it serves up new shifts in our outer world, effecting our inner world and giving us a time to celebrate expression with beautiful browns, golden yellows, marvelous maroons, and deep melancholic burnt oranges. The clothes we wear and the fashion we majestically drape onto our bodies then become the mystical stories that define our mood and feelings, furthering the definition of the earths changing season with fashion trends.

If we are to look at fashion as wearable art then we can take inspiration from a more literal translation of incorporating sticks, leaves, and other organic materials. As here, woman is the ‘mystical’ mother of nature. She can be both all-encompassing spirit but also permeated by autumn’s drunken dust, easily moved to fall fast asleep beneath its canopies. We shall call her ‘Titania’ as in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which follows a similar ethos of nature’s (or more specifically a forest’s) ability to influence its incumbents to become spellbound.

How might we gather inspiration from Titania then into wearable ‘everyday’ art? Well for one, we continue to move in a fashion direction that is couture and sustainable. And two, we can recreate the same elements by maybe wearing a loose off the shoulder, knitted sweater, with a rugged-brown leather belt, whimsical silk skirt and a pair of worn-in ankle boots that are readily seen everywhere this fall in the most fashion forward cities such as New York and London. This fall, what our fashion speaks to is three-fold, feminine, organic, and respectful towards our ‘mystical’ Mother Nature.

Picture 15

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